This page will have all the forms you may need to complete assignments. They will also be provided for you in the classroom. Right click and open in a new window or tab to view the file if clicking the link does not work.

How to use these:

1) Click the name of the form you need

2) 3 ways to complete the form:
           1) Print off and fill out
           2) Save the file and fill it out on the computer and email it to me
           3) Fill out the form information in a Word Document or Email and email it to me

(see the Contact Me tab for email information)

3) Bring completed form to school WITH YOUR PROOF (or email/share your VIDEO and bring in the completed form).

PROOF is a minimum 1 min video showcasing your home cooking with your face visible 80% of the time.

Click the form below you'd like to access: